Everything Happens for a Reason

Jessica Newport

*7/1/22 Update: Unfortunately the store wasn't as successful as I'd hoped so it is now closed.  I'm glad I at least tried and I learned so much along the way.  Thank you to everyone that came to visit my store while it was in operation.*

I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason.  Not because of kismet, divine intervention or planetary alignments, but because I choose to believe it.  Every hurdle is an opportunity to jump higher, every mountain offers a better vantage point, if you dare climb it.  No time in my life has this been more evident than in 2020.

This has been an exceptional year for many of us for a variety of reasons.  We've all had to face some challenges, adapt, change, grow.  Some of you may remember that I bought my first company vehicle last December and that is was then totaled less than 45 days later.  That hurt, financially mostly, but also it felt like a huge set back.  I really felt like I'd reached a milestone that was just completely removed with no warning.  Then, I experienced what we've all been going through.  Covid sincerely put a hurting on small businesses, especially those of us that derive most of our income from selling at craft shows and farmers markets.  When the door slammed shut on my opportunities to go out to sell, I saw the opportunity to buckle down and take control of how, where and when Newport's Naturals can offer products to the public.  

Starting in March I took the plunge toward opening up a brick and mortar store.  Some might say it's a crazy time to take the risk, but I don't mind bucking convention.  I feel like it's more crazy to not do something.  I'm not the type to sit back and be controlled.  So, in the next few days, weeks, not sure exactly when, expect an announcement for opening day, because it's coming.  And there would be nothing better than to share that day with each of you, because I wouldn't be able to do it without you.  

All my best and many thanks,


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  • So happy for you ! For now I’ll keep ordering online, but I look forward to visiting you in Monck’s Corner one day !

    Jeannette Kossuth

  • You’re a true inspiration! Love you niece!!

    Ginny Snyder

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