A Change Is Gonna Come

Jessica Newport

Sustainability has been a concern for Newport's Naturals since conception.  It's been our goal to continue to make improvements and changes as needed to ensure the sustainability of our products.  Part of that consideration has been that we try to do no harm. 

It is within that mindset that we are proud to announce an upcoming change to our product lines.  We are going completely Vegan!  It's not a far stretch for us since we only need to eliminate honey and beeswax, but we will need your help to reach our goal quickly.  In order to expedite the transition we will be offering special pricing on our remaining non-vegan items.  

We are excited to make this transition and sincerely hope that you will come to love the new products that we will be able to offer like luxurious Coconut Milk Bath and soothing Soap with Coconut Milk and Oats.  Be on the lookout for upcoming specials and amazing new products.

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  • Wow, exciting news going vegan. All the more reason to continue buying your wonderful products!

    Robin Brown

  • Great news!! Happy to help you clear out some inventory :-)


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